Nieuw! Kidsmenu

Bezoek je binnenkort een (familie) voorstelling? Dan kun je vooraf komen genieten met de hele familie. We hebben naast ons Theaterdiner, nu ook een Kidsmenu. Zo maak je je theaterbezoek helemaal compleet.

NIEUW! Drink ”De smaak van De Maaspoort” nu ook thuis.

Vanaf nu kun je thuis ook genieten van ”De smaak van De Maaspoort”.

Nieuwe cocktails bij Bistro de Luif

Tijd voor terras! Krijg jij van dit warme weer ook zo’n dorst? Bekijk dan nu onze nieuwe cocktailkaart.  

Asparagus menu at Bistro de Luif

Asparagus season has started again and that means an extensive asparagus menu. The white gold is temporarily available, so don't wait too long and come and enjoy lunch or dinner at the Bistro.

Vacancies Bistro de Luif

Working in an environment like De Maaspoort is a party every day. Do you also love the theater and would you like to work in the bistro of De Maaspoort? Check our vacancies!

Golden Green Key for De Maaspoort

The Maaspoort received the Golden Green Key certificate for the first time. "We were one of the forerunners in the Green Stages project in recent years.

Fixedelaoveskefee de Luif

In Vastelaoveskefee de Luif there is enough to experience during the Fixedelaovend for young and old!

The taste of The Maaspoort

As of February 1, coffee roastery Peeze is the new coffee supplier of De Maaspoort. This Arnhem-based roastery with big ideas,
makes coffee this not only tastes great but is also good for the world we live in.

New menu

Yes! After a long time, we can finally welcome you back to our restaurant and we're celebrating with a super delicious new menu! At Bistro de Luif you can now enjoy, among other things, delicious crispy pork belly, crunchy crispy chicken satay or extremely tender burrata.